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Roasted veggies

Talking about roasting potatoes reminded me of one of my favorite
meals--it's not quick, but it's super easy, yummy, and adaptable to almost
anything you might have on hand.  

When popping a potato into the oven to bake, I toss the orphans from my
veggie bin in a separate covered casserole and baked them alongside.  The
most important pieces are a quartered onion, a dozen cloves of garlic, and a
sprinkling of italian herbs.  The other stuff included mushrooms, broccoli,
and halved brussel sprouts (wow, were they good).  After an hour in the
oven, you have a wonderful accompaniment to a baked potato *and* a cleaned
out veggie bin!  (Smashing and stirring the soft roasted garlic coats
everthing beautifully with that amazing flavor!)

Oh, and if you haven't tried Pickapeppa Sauce on a baked potato, give it a
whirl.  With a little dab of ff sour cream, yum!  I first tried Pickapeppa
Sauce at Jason's Deli and find it in Houston at Whole Foods and Fiesta.
Ingredients are: tomatoes, onions, sugar, cane vinegar, magoes, raisins,
tamarinds, salt, peppers, and spices.  YUM!