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correction and comment from one trapped in a Virgo mind

details details details .. alas, it's my birthright, I guess .. or birthcurse ;)

<<Ener-G egg replacer works great.  It's nothing but potato starch.  A box
here costs US$4.25, it's the equivalent of 125+ eggs, and only 10
calories/egg.  Not for scrambling, mind you, but perfect for baking.>>

Ener-G Egg Replacer is not just potato starch .. in case anyone takes that
statement and decides to use plain potato starch as a substitute. It won't
work.  Here are the ingredients from the box:  "Potato Starch, Tapioca
Flour, Leavening (Calcium Lactate, Calcium Carbonate, Citric Acid),
Carbohydrate Gum.  Calcium Lactate is not dairy derived.  It does not
contain lactose."  Here is more info I had in a file:  Ener-G egg
replacer--Energy Foods, Inc. P.O. Box
84487, Seattle, WA 98124-5787, (800) 331-5222.

Also, I'd like to offer my opinion that readers are better served when
comments about foods which are potentially harmful (e.g. raw egg whites)
are presented with clear facts, not just opinions and warnings in all caps.
Facts are helpful .. any degree of hysteria is just alarming.  Specific
facts and alternatives can help us make the best kinds of conscious choices
we're all trying to make.

Thanks for listening,