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Olestra, visionware

Irene mentioned using Olestra for cooking as a fat free substitute for popping 
corn.  As marketed, it is a fat substitute that is virtually indistinguishable 
from fat in the sense that we use it.  Unfortunately, in actual testing it was 
found to have some side effects that might be best avoided.  These included 
cramps, diarrhea, intense gas and a less serious, but annoying effect of 
seepage from the intestinal tract.  The solution to our problem of liking the 
taste of fat but not the things that go with it may take a little longer.  I 
hope that someone else also has some data on this as I did not save any of the 
articles that I read.  
Quick note on visionware -  I love my roomate's visionware, but since I blewup 
a pyrex coffeepot in my face many years ago, I am extra careful.  Any crystal 
is unstable in extremely differing temperatures.