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Flavored Tofu

I also like to buy the prebaked and flavored tofu, however it 
expensive.  I tried something this weekend and it came out 
very good.

1.  Remove tofu from package and drain.  I used Firm Mori-Nu 
When drained, slice into small cubes, approximately 1/2 to 1/4 
inch on
each side.

2.  Drop into a non-stick pan on medium high.  Prepare about 1 
cup of
broth to add to the mixture and make it pretty strongly 
flavored.  I
used the following:  mushroom broth flavoring from the HFS, 
minced garlic, veggie broth.

3.  As pan starts to dry out, add spoonfuls of broth to the 
pan.  The
pan should be hot enough that the broth sizzles pretty 
quickly.  Keep
stirring the tofu cubes and as the pan dries out, continue to 
add the
broth a couple of spoonfuls at a time until the tofu is well 
Then add the rest of the broth and thicken with flour or 
arrowroot for
a nice sauce.  I then poured this over steamed brown 
rice/lentils.  It
was delicious.

4.  You can use your inagination for other broths, such as soy 
ginger, honey, garlic, or maybe something with thinned tomato 
garlic, and italian spices, or even a prepared, fatfree of 
Marinade in a Jar.