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appetizers and cinco de mayo

Our favorite appetizer:

Spread fatfree cream cheese on a fatfree flour tortilla. Near the edge
closest to you, place a strip of thin-sliced vegetable of your choice (eg
one asparagus spear(parboiled), a strip or two of red pepper, a line of
chopped olives, or a combination of veggies - you get the idea). Then roll
up the tortilla tightly. Wrap your rolls in foil or plastic and chill for a
while. Then slice into half-inch thich rounds. They are pretty, easy, and
delicious. At christmas I used red and green pepper together and had very
festive looking appetizers.

My entire family loves the "Tortilla and Black Bean Casserole" posted some
months back.(Thank you VERY much to the original poster!) We have it almost
weekly, and all the friends I have shared the recipe with say that their
families love it too. If you can't find it in the archives, I will post it.


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