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Unidentified subject!

Zoe sodja
in wet wet wet Santa Cruz, wanated to know about vegetariani, fatfree
posole.  Well, Zoe, timing is everything.  I just made this dish the other
night for the firsst time.  Recipe was taken from Jay Solomon's Lean Bean
Cuisine cookbook.  All his are great by the way, not all fatfre, but very
easy to leave out the fat.  As I have only made this one, I am sure I won't
get it exactly, but close enought for government work:

2 cups cooked beans
2 cups hominey
chopped onions
chopped bell pepper
3 cups water or stock
1/4 cup tomato paste
2 teaspoons oregano
chili powder to taste (chipoltle was recommended for its wonderful smokey

Put all in the pot and simmer for an hour or so.

Note, I made a bigger batch with leftover pinto beans, probably a quart,
and used two cans of white hominey.  We liked it a lot!

Regards,   Jan

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and live in, the second neighborhood group. for info:
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