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NO oil for gimme lean!

this letter is to sharon who read that Gimme lean should be cooked in oil.

     DON'T DO IT!!!! :-) I can't believe the package says that! I must have
never read it all the times I have used it! Cooking gimme lean in oil totally
defeats the purpose! I have used it in spaghetti sauce before and trust me,
all ya do is throw it in! I usually get a couple of tubes if they are on sale
and freeze them so that all i have to do is thaw it out before adding to any
dish (i've used it in lasagna, sweet and sour meatballs, sausage gravy,
stuffed shells, casseroles, pizza) I havent found a single dish it wasnt
absolutely delicious in! I highly recommend it! Let me know how it turns

Jerry the Gimme Lean! freak,