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Breakfast Casserole

Has anyone ever tried the sausage-flavor Gimme Lean in a breakfast
casserole?  My sister used to make a (greasy) rich one with meat, eggs,
cheese, and hashbrowns that was tasty before I knew better.  I'm thinking,
however, a person could make something wonderful--although not vegan--using
healthy ingredients.  I think it could go something like this:

Breakfast Casserole

1 pkg. Simply Shreds or other ff hashbrowns
1 pkg. Gimme Lean Sausage
4-6 eggwhites, beaten (or EggBeaters?)
8 oz. package of shredded fatfree cheddar cheese

Brown hashbrowns and Gimme Lean in nonstick skillet (may cook together, or
separately if you want distinct layers); season potatoes with salt &
pepper.  Put hashbrowns and Gimme Lean in 8x13" nonstick cake pan.  Pour
eggwhites over the layers or mixture.  Spread ff cheese shreds over the
top.  Bake in 350-375 degree (preheated) oven for 45 minutes, or until egg
is cooked and cheese is browned.

I'm thinking I may try something like this out on my 14 year-old son (who
doesn't like anything I make anymore) this weekend.  If anyone else cares
to try it, please give a review, okay?  


     Jane Smith		           			
     Special Collections, Pickler Memorial Library                     
     Truman State University (formerly NMSU)		
     Kirksville, Missouri  USA