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Cream of Mushroom Soup

I just got my new Dixie Diner's Club catalog yesterday.  It's got a lot 
of new products in it that look really great.  Their new fat-free, 
dairy-free cream of mushroom soup mix looked quite intriguing.  Has 
anyone had an opportunity to try it?  I ordered some of the broth powder 
that everyone was raving about, but frankly I was underwhelmed.  I 
thought it tasted too celery-ish (nice wordsmithing, don't you think?).  I 
was curious if the C of M soup had a similar flavor.

I should say that the broth powder is fine for sauteing and such.  I just 
wouldn't use it for a soup base again.  I found a supermarket brand that 
I prefer (probably because it has more salt, also :-) ).