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Copyrighting recipes

I had a business that offered recipes for low-fat baked goods for a 
couple of years.  We looked into copyrighting and my understanding was this:
	Recipes CAN BE coprighted.  However, any minor change in the 
recipe negates the copyright.  So if, for instance, a recipe calls for 1 
cup of an ingredient and someone changes it to 1 cup minus 1/8 tsp, the 
copyright no longer applies. We weren't creating a cookbook, so I'm not 
sure how it would work for that; but in our case we would have had to 
copyright each individual recipe.  Given the cost and the ultimate lack 
of protection, we opted not to copyright.

I recently looked into copyrighting again for another business (I'm a 
crafter) and found a great deal of information on the internet.  I don't 
remember the exact address, but I found it simply by doing a search for  
"copyright" on one of the search engines.

Hope this helps, Laurel