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Sugar free?

Ellen Sentovich wrote: "I like the fruits and vegetables section of the grocery 
store.  Though there are no signs saying FATFREE!, SUGAR FREE!, there are 
plenty of wonderful nutritious and quite sweet items to be had."

Although I'm sure she didn't mean to imply this, fruit isn't sugar free. It's free 
of *added* sugar, but it generates its own. Yeah, the sugar in fruit  isn't refined, 
but it's real. On diets like macrobiotics, people are told to limit or avoid fruit, 
probably because (I think, anyway) the natural sugar in it is digested by the 
system too fast for maximum health. 

I guess she meant vegetables, not fruit, are sugar-free, athough some veggies 
have small amounts of the sweet stuff in them. But heck, if cooking sprays can 
be called "fat-free,"  usually because of miniscule serving sizes, I guess we can 
say fruits and vegetables are sugar-free.

Shawn Lovley