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gimme lean

I've tried Gimme Lean and also like it a lot.  I used it in a "sausage" dressing
for Thanksgiving this year.  I do find that it does not have as strong a sausage
flavor as the real thing, and it is a bit stickier.  However, it was quite
tasty.  Anyway, there is another meat substitute in the can.  It is Loma Linda
brand, and I found it at my Albertson's store in the isle with Health Valley
foods.  Of course, it was on the bottom shelf, and many of the cans had a fine
layer of dust on them, but they were there.  This substitute is great for tacos
or burritos, and would be great in spaghetti.  I like it mainly because I don't
have to thaw it and it can sit on my shelf forever.  I just open a can, and then
"saute" it in a nonstick pan.  I crumbles well.  I should warn, though, that
just out of the can, it does look (and kind of smell) like dogfood.  Anyway, its
worth giving it a try.    Karen