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FF:...sigh....went to the doctor yesterday....

sigh...went to the doctor yesterday and he informed me in no uncertain
terms that I must loose weight or else....Well, I know that he's right....I
am on a LOT of diffrent meds and several of them all have the side effect
of weight gain.  Weight loss is of course a very stressful thing and I am

I was thinking how best to go about this....one of the things that
discourages me are the cookbooks such as MacDougall's...  let me see if I
can communicate this in any form that makes sense.

I am a single person, household of one.  I would dearly like to find the
sensible eating plan cookbook that contains menus, recipes, shopping lists
etc for the single person.  I really don;t want to have to think too much
about this.  I am juggling a LOT of stuff and adding one more things feels
like more than human flesh can bear...

but MacDougall cookbooks and Ornish cookbooks don't have the grocery
lists....plus all of the meal plans are for family sized
prepearations...which means the danger of over eating.  Plus so many times
these recipes want a person to have 1/2 of a grapefruit one day and then
never have any more grapefruit that week and the rest of it goes bad.  Or a
recipe calls for some of this and some of that and I put the remainder away
in the fridge and it goes bad.   I can't afford to be wasting food.  I am
on a fixed income, so I have to watch every penny.

Well, you see my frustration.  any suggestions would be vey welcome.

Gloriamarie  writing to you from San Diego, whose is pretty darned sure all
her complaints about the perfect weather out here have caused El Nino

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