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another ground meat alternative

I haven't been following the digests as well as I'd like, so I
apologize if I missed a post on this previously, but I haven't seen
the Yves "ground beef" product mentioned (fatfree & vegetarian) yet. 

I just tried it for the first time last night (the Italian flavor)...
just crumbled it into some NF spaghetti sauce & microwaved it.  It was
incredibly like a meat sauce!  I think a package was less than $4, 
and says it's equivalent to 1 1/2 pounds of *cooked* ground meat.    

I *love* the gimme lean sausage flavor sliced & grilled for breakfast, 
but the Yves is much better (IMHO) in a pasta sauce.

If someone has tried this product and have other ways you've had success
cooking it, let me know.  (I made a mistake and ordered a whole case
instead of a single from my coop :-).

Aiko Pinkoski