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Re: stomach busters

Hi list,

Sally wrote:
     I think this might be a silly question but I am going to ask it
     anyway. Does anyone know if there are certain foods that put on weight
     in different areas? I always put on weight on my stomach while
     everything else stays relatively thin - does anyone have any food

Not a silly question at all.

Your whole body is like a gas tank of the car. Difference being (aside from
the obvious), your car has it's gas tank in the rear of the vehicle, whereas
your body's gas tank is your whole body. You don't get to pick where it goes
on and you don't get to pick where it comes off.

Think of it like this, could you go outside to your car and say "I want the
gas to come out of '   ' this pat of the gas tank ONLY!

I don't think so!

So, certain food don't put on fat in certain areas,  however, your body
requires only so many calories per day. It requires fat (albeit a small
percentage) it requires protein and it requires carbohydrates.

If you consume more than your body requires in total, the extra will be
converted into fat! Even if what you ate wasn't fat when you ate it! Ouch!

Hope this helps,

David Siscoe
Exercise Specialist