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Re: sweet potatoes

Hi list,

Cheryl wrote:
Does anyone know if Sweet Potatos (the orange ones w/ dark purple skin) are
good for you?  Someone told me that there is a lot of fat in them, but I was
wondering just how much.

    Well Cheryl, I don't know who could of or would have told you such lies,
but her is the

    Nutritional Data for 100 grams of SWEETPOTATOES; RAW
    Mean valueMean value per 100.00 grams edible part; 28.0% refuse

Portions:  1 SWEETPOTATO, 5-IN = 130.00 gm, 1 CUP CUBES = 133.00 gm

2.7% Cals from fat,
    6.8% Cals from protein,
    90.4% Cals from carbs.

    If you would like to analyze more foods go to

    Hope this helps

    David Siscoe
Exercise Specialist