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blood sugar drop

I used to get a severe drop before I learned to control it by eating a
diabetic-type diet and making sure to have wholesome meals before I became
REALLY hungry.  Stick with whole grain products, nothing sugared and
reasonable meals with good snacks in mid morning and mid afternoon.

A good snack would consist of 2 nonfat whole grain crackers and a half slice
of nonfat meat (or cheese) and a bite or two of fresh fruit fruit.  If I
skipped the crackers it wouldn't fill me up. The fruit was for instant relief
and the protein was to keep me going 'til the next meal.

At one time I had to carry small juice cans around for when the plunge
occurred. This would be anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours after a meal. Since I
changed my eating habits, I haven't had to take these precautions. However, my
body continued to have the sugar drop for several months when I commenced the
improved eating. Then it gradually improved.  If you feel it dropping on, eat
a proper snack immediately. This doesn't go away. It just keeps on getting
worse. And yes, I've been tested and do not have diabetes.

Now that I know how to eat, I haven't had a severe drop in YEARS. Thank G-d!

Good luck!