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hypoglycemia/sweet potatoes & yams

If you experience frequent blood sugar drops, please continue to be 
tested for diabetes.
Hypoglycemia is frequently a precursor to diabetes.
There is also Reactive Hypoglycemia which is caused by blood sugar 
dropping after a carb laden meal..one which many of us choose.
This is also not good for the body.
In any case, a normal pancreas will not produce either of these symptoms 
so it is indicative of potential pancreatic trouble in the future.
Been there, done that, got the diabetes.
Sweet potatoes & yams..are, I believe, 2 different things.
Both are excellent, however in this area sweet potatoes are the sweeter 
of the two.
Sweet potatoes are frequently thinner with darker skin, yams are chubbier 
and what comes in the cans for thanksgiving.
Broth are wonderful fresh baked for a sweet treat.
I am determined to bake a sweet potato pie w/ ff graham crackers after my 
last experiment baking sweet potato in water flavored w/ spices..
yum yum

If I would have known how long I was going to live, I would have taken 
better care of myself!!!!!