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Re: Restaurants in Milwaukee WI

Jennifer Olson <jenolson@xxxxxxxxxx> asked
>Does anyone know of any good restaurants in Milwaukee Wisconsin?  I work near
>Bayshore Mall and live near
>Brookfield Square.

There are a number of good restaurants in Milwaukee where you can get
lowfat, vegetarian meals.  At many you just have to make the selection from
the menu and check with the waiter on lowfat preparation.  It takes a bit
of diligence here, but it can be done.  This is definitely not a
lowfat/fatfree veggie friendly city like many places.  I'd recommend you
try Beans and Barley on North Ave. and Oakland (not where you live or work,
but worth finding out about - it's on the lower east side).  Although it
has the feel of a vegetarian restaurant because it is connected with a
natural food store, be careful - not everything is vegetarian or lowfat,
but you will easily know what to order from the menu and can ask the waiter
about the lowfat part. 

Stop by the Outpost Natural Foods at 2nd and Capitol on your way home from
work and pick up a free copy of their Outpost magazine.  Quarterly, they
have a listing of local vegetarian restaurants (or at least ones where you
can get a vegetarian meal).  This is a great resource and covers most of
the good ones around (again, not counting regular restaurants where you are
likely to find at least one excellent choice that could become a favorite
there). (How I wish we had Fresh Choices like Sac!)

Feel free to e-mail me privately if you have specific questions about
anything in Milwaukee.  If; you let me know what kind of food you are
looking for, I could be more specific for you.

Natalie in Milwaukee