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plum vinegar, stevia

A couple of recipe requests:

A few years ago I read a recipe for fruit vinegars, which I've lost and
can't find in the archives.  One, which I've made a couple of times and
want to make again, was a plum/ginger vinegar; I know the ingredients:
plums, fresh ginger, rice vinegar; but I can't remember the proportions
and I'd like to make it again since I have a treefull of ripe plums.
Does anyone have it?

Also, does anyone have any recipes using stevia?  I found a stevia
website, but it has only product information.  I'd like to try it in
baking, but I know that sugar proportions are fairly critical for cake
textures, and I'd love to find out if someone else has already done some
experimenting with stevia.  I don't bake often enough to be terribly


Jane Colman