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>Parsley is a long stalk with small leaves at the end.
>1) Is the stalk chopped as well? I've been cutting them off and throwing them
>2) How do you cut the leaves off? I've been doing them more of less 1 at a
>time, which is very tedious.

This description sounds a bit more like celery that parsley to me.  Or is
there a parsley other than the kinds I get in my grocery store?  The kind I
get comes in a bunch.  The stems are very thin and usually only about 5-6
inches long.  The leaves are thick enough that they look almost like a
flower bouquet--without the blossoms.  So I just leave the parsley in a
bunch and finely cut off the leafy end as I need it.  It takes quite a bit
of cutting to get down to the stems.  Are we talking about the same thing?

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