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Egg Substitutes

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> Subject: eggs or egg substitute
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> Ok, help me with this.  How many eggs to what measure of equivalent?  Anyone have a handy conversion?

FYI, according to the good folks at the Animal Rights Resource Site

A company called Ener-G makes a powdered egg-substitute that they claim is a suitable replacement for eggs in cooking. It costs about $5.00 (U.S.) for the equivalent of 9 or 10 dozen eggs, and it contains no animal products.

2 oz of soft tofu can be blended with some water and added to substitute for an egg to add consistency.

One Tbsp flax seeds (found in natural food stores) with 3 Tbsp water can be blended for 2 to 3 minutes, or boiled for 10 minutes or until desired consistency is achieved to substitute for one egg.

1/2 mashed banana

1/4 cup applesauce or pureed fruit

1 tsp. soy flour plus 1 Tbsp. water to substitute for one egg.

This was posted on the 8 weeks to a healthy America list:
Grind 1/4 c flax seeds into a powder in the blender. Combine with 3/4 c water. 1/3 c equals one egg. Refrigerate what you don't use, but use within 24 hours as it does not keep well.

You can replace eggs with prunes:

Pitted prunes, final volume will equal volume of eggs and/or fat

Put prunes in blender or food processer.  Whip until very smooth. Substitute in place of eggs and/or fat in cake recipes in equal volume. Works especially well in chocolate cakes.  It sounds gross but it really
works.  The best way is to use prunes plus egg whites only, but this won't help if you have to avoid the whole egg, so do a full substitution instead.