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Re: weiners

If you are talking about full size "hot dogs", Morningstar Farms makes a
great vegetarian hot dog - I can't remember exactly what they call them (it
might be "veggie dogs")  They come frozen in a regular hot dog-like
vacuum-packed package and, in my store, are found near the real and
vegetarian breakfast sausages, chicken nuggets etc.

p.s. has anyone tried Morningstar Farms "Chick Nuggets" and/or "Chick
Patties"? They are great - and very low in fat!!

                                                Happy and peaceful holidays
to all,

Kristin : )
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From: SAMMIE RUTLEDGE <RUTLEDGE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Friday, December 10, 1999 3:05 PM
Subject: weiners

>has anyone found a good substitute for weiners.
>I love Beany Weenies and was thinking of trying them with
>a no meat weiner.