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Soy Cheddar

Hi, Julie-Ann!  Yes, there is such a thing as fatfree tofu cheddar.  There
are several brands.  My preference (no connection with the company, etc.),
after trying a number of them, in Soya Kaas, which makes both a fatfree and
a "regular" version, which is still much lower in fat than real cheese.  The
taste is much milder than real cheddar, but since I really miss cheese and
am lactose-intolerant, it's a real godsend for me.  This brand acts pretty
much like real cheese (i.e. it melts) because it contains casein, a milk
protein.  If you are vegan, this is not the brand for you.  Fake cheese will
melt only if it contains casein.  This brand has four flavors, or styles:
Cheddar, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, and Jalapeno, all available fatfree or
not.  Last night we had scrumptious homemade pizza with the Monterey Jack on
top--delish!  (My husband says he likes my pizza better than restaurant
pizza now.)

Other brands "work" also, but I like the texture and taste of this brand
best.  It can be frozen and thawed with no loss of texture.  Some of them
get slimy if you freeze and thaw.  Yuck.  Some taste like cardboard.  Yuck.
If your store doesn't carry it, maybe they'd order for you.  Our HFS will
order anything.

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