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OK everyone you are going to think I have totally lost it now but anyway.  I
know I was asking everyone for their ideas on how to use all the zucchini
and cucumbers and I have loved some of the ideas can't wait to make relish.
But I was cleaning out my Dads stuff and found a Ronco Food Dryer (my Dad
truly believed that he who has the most toys wins and bought almost any new
gadget that came on the market)  There was a recipe in it for zucchini chips
so I sliced mine up and loaded up the tray and you know what they are great.
I love them with dip and especially salsa.   Anybody have any other ideas as
to what I can dry.  I'm on a roll here I did bananas this morning and they
will be done tomorrow so I will be ready to load it up again.
TaTa for Now,
Nancy L. Adkins
BayWind Farm
Bethany Beach, Delaware
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