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Subject: Fat free and sodium

You can just adjust any good recipe by (obviously) eliminating the salt and 
not using any of the high-sodium ingredients (particularly the processed 
foods - canned are the worst).  You can usually figure out a substitute for 
them - usually making it a longer process to cook.  A couple of things we 
have done over the years (my husband was high blood pressure at 30 something) 
are 1)to increase the other flavors such as with herbs and GARLIC and 
high-flavor veggies  2) use a lot of fresh lemon juice and fresh lime juice 
(especially good as a flavor enhancer in soups, and 3) use lots of freshly 
ground pepper.  We were sort of depressed when we cut out the salt, but it 
was fairly easy to adjust to and now we never (rarely, anyway) use salt.  I 
still put some in bread when I make it and sometimes a little in soup, but 
just a sprinkle.  Good Luck, Ruth