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re: Dixie Diner recommendations

I have ordered from them a few times now and overall I have been very happy.

The Beef Not granules were a big success in tacos and the kids really liked
the Chicken Not chunks in soup. My son and I absolutely loved the Spicy
Stonewall's Jerky.

I really like the broth powder, although accustomed as I am to regular veg
bouillon cubes which are loaded with salt, I do find I have to add extra
salt to my food when I use them (...although the kids and my husband don't
seem to feel the need as much as I do...hmmmm--well, at least I do have
very low blood pressure, so I'm probably not doing too much damage to
myself and I'm sure I'm adding less salt than those cubes had!).  They have
some really good seasonings, too.

I have found the Creme It to be soooooo convenient when I am cooking.  I
usually buy vanilla Rice Dream for cereal, but that can't be added to
recipes in place of milk if the recipe isn't for something sweet.  It is so
easy to just mix up a little Creme It and use it in place of the milk.

I've purchased some of the mixes, but I haven't gotten around to trying any
of them yet except for the Cream of Mushroom soup which was excellent.  I
mixed it up to a condensed soup-like state and mixed it in with rice.  My
family devoured it.

The only thing I have purchased that I didn't like was the alfredo sauce
mix.  I don't know what I did wrong, but it just wouldn't thicken up no
matter how long I cooked it and it tasted just awful--we went out to dinner
that night!  However, YMMV.

Overall I have been very pleased with the products I have purchased and the
kids like to be able to eat old faves from our pre-veg days.