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Re: Juicer

I love my juicer. Its just a plain old Oster that I bought at Caldor. The 
only drawback is its pretty expensive to buy all the fruit. We found that it 
takes about 2 navel oranges to make an 8 oz glass of orange juice. Thats not 
too bad, but when you are drinking alot of it or want to make a gallon at at 
time it gets expensive. 
I would use mine alot more if fruit wasnt so expensive here. (Connecticut)
I think real juice is excellent for health. Plus, you can use the pulp for 
other things.(Carrot pulp for carrot cake.)
By the way, when I drank one glass of orange juice from the juicer, I was too 
full for dinner! Its really filling, so I think it would be a great way to 
loose weight and still get your vitamins. Just dont drink only juice at every 
meal! :)