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Dixie Diner Recommends?

Hi Everyone-

  I ordered a bunch of stuff for the first time from Dixie
Diner a few weeks ago (some how it's taken a few years for
me to get around to it)!

  Anyway, it's been pretty hit or miss as far as what's
good, so I wanted to share that with you and ask what some
of you do and *don't* recommend from them.

Beanut Butter - excellent!  It's low-fat, and lower fat than
the low fat peanut butter (only if you pour out the oil), but
definitely not FF.

Non-diary parmesan cheese - this was *awful*!  Ruined my pasta.
I threw out the jar and will definitely never buy it again.

Beef Jerky Not! - my finance likes beef jerky, so I go this
for him to try.  I thought it was disgusting, but I've also
never liked beef jerky....he seemed to like it *ok* and we 
may order it again.

Tuna Not! - trying this today for the first time.  It's *ok*.
I might buy it again, although not often, and I certainly 
wouldn't serve it to anyone other than myself and Stu.

Nutritional Yeast - made the "cheese" fondue from the archives,
pretty good.

Other things that we ordered but I haven't tried yet:
No-avocado gaucamole...FF
Egg Not!
Chicken Not!

There were a couple of other things I ordered, but I'm spacing
on what they were right now.  I'll let you know what I think of
the products as I try them...right now I'm just really interested
in hearing about others experiences with these products.