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Thanks, Dawn, for posting the Japanese Carrot Dressing!  I plan to try it

Now here's another question: I read an intriguing note somewhere the other
day that said in India they like to marinate chickpeas in tamarind and then
eat them as a snack.  Well, we know about roasted chickpeas...is this a
variant?  I have a jar of tamarind paste...would I dilute some to make
tamarind "juice" and then soak the chickpeas?  Would the chickpeas be raw or
cooked at this point?  I'm thinking I could open a can of chickpeas, drain
them, and marinate them in tamarind "juice" from concentrate, then roast
them in the oven.  Think that would work?  Or do you think I need to
marinate raw chickpeas, cook them in water, and THEN roast?

Thanks for all the good ideas, all!

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