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Zucchini and other things

I am not that crazy about zucchini that has been cooked into soups and stews
(too slimey).  I love to just cut up the zucchini and put them in the oven
and roast them.  Sometimes I put chili powder and cumin on them and roll
them in with my portobello mushroom fajitas!  Sometimes I just use them that
way without the mushrooms and add some potatoes and onions (or whatever, I
don't like bell pepper so I never mention these) and roll them in a ww flour
tortilla (or corn) and cover it with homemade vegetarian chili (yum).
Zucchini could easily be put on the George Foreman grill along with anything
else you might want.  Onions would be wonderful grilled on it, I'm sure.