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Vegan Passover, coconut milk

Faith wrote:
> Dan and I have been invited to a Passover seder with friends next week,
> and I'm hunting for some vegan Passover-OK recipes to send along to them
> so they have some idea of what they can feed us! :)

The Vegetarian Resource Group (http://www.vrg.org) has published a book of 
vegan Passover recipes, called  No-Cholesterol Passover Recipes, (or words 
to that effect), by Debra Wasserman. I use that a lot for my Seder, 
although we are not vegan - there are just too many eggs rolling around on 
Passover 8-).

You might also want to try the archives of rec.food.cuisine.jewish, 
available at http://www.cyber-kitchen.com/rfcj/. The site is neither 
fatfree nor vegan, but they've got so many recipes, there's bound to be one 
or two you can use 8-).

 Carole quoted:
> Coconut milk compares to mother's milk in its chemical balance.

Huh? First I heard of coconuts having human antibodies, adjusting their fat 
and protein content according with the time of day, or any of the other 
miracles accomplished by mother's milk. I find that a very dangerous 
statement, as it might tempt somebody to give their baby coconut milk 
instead of breastmilk or formula ...

Happy Passover to all those celebrating!

Be well, Hadass

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