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RE: Daily menu plan for gluten free

Lynne wrote:

>An educational site for the seeker of gluten free meal planning can be
>Embry's Daily Menu Plan
>Gluten-free, dairy-free meals
>Found at: http://www.2x2.co.nz/ms/menus.html
>You will have to modify for fat free and/or vegetarian but a meal plan is
>included for gluten free meals.

Thanks Lynne!  I followed the link back to the home page and there was a
listing for vegetarian GF recipes too!    These could easily be modified to
be FF:  http://www.2x2.co.nz/ms/vegetarian.html

BTW, some of the meal plans included "rice crispies"  This can be a big
problem for the newly diagnosed Celiac as the Kellogg's brand, and most
grocery store brands contain malt.  Malt is a derivative of BARLEY which we
can't eat.

If you are Celiac you MUST read every label carefully, and call the
manufacturer of the products to be certain that there are no hidden glutens
in such ingredients as: caramel coloring, modified food starch, flavorings,
and colorings, etc ... and that just touches the surface.

It sounds overwhelming at first, but you get into a routine in no time at
all.  And besides, being diligent is much better than being sick from what
you just ate.  :-D

Hope this helps someone,
Lynda Swink

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