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non-aluminum rice cookers

Jan G wrote:

> All this discussion of rice cookers renews my longing for an aluminum free
> rice cooker, I have searched high and low and cannot find one. Would love to
> hear from anyone who now of a rice cooker that does not use aluminum.

Would I be correct in thinking you want only the part the food touches to be
non-aluminum?  If so, my rice cooker is like that.  It is the very simple one
I described a few days ago: Black and Decker Flavor Scented Steamer.  The
heating element and water reservoir in the base are probably aluminimum but
all of the food containers are plastic.  Would that suit the bill?  Here's a
pretty good photo:


Riki Darling
Spinner, Knitter, Navajo Weaver, Dyer, and Idea Enthusiast
Salt Lake City, Utah