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new member with questions

Hello everyone

Now I have been enjoying your list for a few weeks I think it is time to
introduce myself  ...
My name is berti and I am a woman living in the Netherlands, aged 34 and
trying to lose some of my body fat.
Do a lot of sports lately so it is working out very well, have lost 10
pounds so far since june.

As I am a vegetarian (so  I do use yogurt, eggs and milk now and then but
not daily) I am looking for some good meat substitutes (sorry for the
In your recipes I found the brand 'meat NOT'   ....and have found its site
in the meanwhile too which I think looks great.
So I would like to hear your opinions on this one, who does use it, have you
negative/ positive comments on the brand.
What products exactly should be worth trying.
If you can recommend any other meat alternatives, they are welcome too, but
you should then keep in mind I live in the Netherlands so no frozen

Also how do you cut the fat down to 10 percent only......I never get as far
down as 16 ....
Any hints greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much

A gourmet veggie from the Netherlands