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cobblers and grapenuts

>All other cobbler recipes I've seen have
>the fruit on the bottom and crust on top (like a crisp).

You are right!  The cobbler recipe I posted was called that in the recipe
book, but perhaps it is really more like a moist berry 'cake'.  There are
so many berries in it though,(8 oz of blueberries is around 2 cups), that
the consistancy is really fruity...almost like a cobbler.

As for another name for Grapenuts...um, I'm not too sure!  Grapenuts cereal
is really unique.  They are small nuggets about the size of chopped
walnuts, and have a bran-like taste and crunchy texture.  What about Bran
Buds cereal, or All Bran that has been gently crushed instead?  It might be
possible to slightly crush Bran Flakes or Corn Flakes, too.   I've read
recipes for crusts using granola cereals, but some varieties have quite a
bit of fat.  Maybe someone else has a good cereal crust that they would
like to share. <wink!>

Hope this helps.

S. McCleave BSc.(Hons)Ost
Ruth Pettle Wellness Centre, Toronto, Ontario