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Cookie Dough

I know exactly what you're talking about and it sounds wonderful.  I
haven't thought of that yummy comfort food in years...can't wait to see
the recipes that are out there.

Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 22:19:18 -0400
From: "*~Ashley~*" <alexis_baby@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Cookie dough ...yum
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   I was wondering if anyone on the list had a recipe for fatfree cookie

dough. Ya know the kind you shape into balls and freeze them and eat
them. Kind of like a sugar cookie taste. The Swan's truck had them ..
does this sound even somewhat familar to any of you...or am I just
ya?? Well if any of you have a cookie dough recipe that's sweet like
that let me know. I wanna mix it through my fatfree icecream I buy and
make my own cookie dough ice cream... PLUS I love to eat it
....always been a weakness of mine when It comes to baking cookies ,
not eating all the batter before I get the dough in the oven. LOL

~~ AsHLeY wEdgEwOoD ~~

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