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GF grill cheap and raising fat free muffins

Hi, this is especially for Neil,

I found a place on the Internet to get a "family size" GF grill for $50. 
I wonder if you read the reviews on the one by Hamilton Beach Meal Maker
Express.  It was rated the best for grilling veggies, etc. !

I have discovered that  fat free muffins can be made better (instead of
like hockey pucks)  by using barley flour and rice bran in place of half
the flour.  And also, using pastry flour instead of all purpose flour
will improve this even further.  Actually I have used a combination of
barley flour, rice bran and oat bran and it is lovely, especially when
raised by means of baking soda and fat-free buttermilk.  I also simply
leave out the fat and don't try to replace it with applesauce or other
weird substance.  Those things only make my muffins soggy.

Please don't ask me for measurements. I just throw in what seems right! 
If you use normal amounts of dry and wet ingredients that you see in
other recipes, it should work.