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food product catalogs

Hi Sunny,
I realize I have some great catalogs; I need to use
them more.
Several are listed at the back of "Vegetarain Cooking
Under Pressure", by Lorna Sass.

The catalog for Diamond Organics (1-888-ORGANIC) is a
thing of beauty; it is worth having even though they
have a website (www.diamondorganics.com).
They offer an amazing array of products, all organic.
All kinds of greens,
baby greens, vegetables, baby vegetables, different
varieties of mushrooms,
pickled ginger!, fresh herbs,fruits, unsulfured dried
fruit, all-organic bakery products, pastas, including
fresh soba and udon noodles, all kinds of grains and
You place your order by phone, fax, or email and they
send it by FedEx overnight or 2nd day.  
Your order is harvested after you place it.

The Gold Mine Natural Food catalog (1-800-475-FOOD) is
equally amazing. None of the fresh produce, but LOTS
of other things.
All kinds of rice, exotic varieties of grains and
beans, noodles, miso, sea salt, Umeboshi plum
products, pickles, sea vegetables, sweeteners, snacks,
organic canned soups, canned seitan pieces and seitan
burger, etc.  They also sell cookware and kitchen
gadgets, water filters, and the Ohsawa pot mentioned
by Lorna Sass for cooking beans, grains, etc. in your
pressure cooker.
I don't see a website. They say most orders shipped
within 24 hours.

Next is "The Mail Order Catalog for Healthy Eating".
Phone: 1-800-695-2241.  Online: www.healthy-eating.com
They have all kinds of soy protein products,
Worthington Foods and Loma Linda products, gluten
flour and mix, broth and gravy mixes, boxed and bulk
granola and muesli, nutritional yeast flakes, Bragg
Liquid Aminos, and lots else.  Also, books and
discount books.

Penzeys Spices, phone 1-800-741-7787 online
Basically, all kinds of spices, gift and sampler
Also, orange, lemon, almond, vanilla extracts.

Dean and Deluca.  1-800-221-7714   www.deandeluca.com 
 Interesting!!  EXPENSIVE. Watch out for all the m**t.
But: All kinds of spices, including ground and whole
fenugreek seeds, garam masala, Herbes de Provence,
juniper berries, truffle powder, plus all your more
common spices. Dried beans, dried mushrooms, rices,
dried chiles.
Better balsamic vinegars than you can find in your
grocery store! Ranging in price from $21 to $175.
If you want, flavored oils: garlic, rosemary, basil.

last one I know about: Los Chileros de Nuevo Mexico
                       P.O. Box 6215
                       Santa Fe, NM 87502
All kinds of chiles (ranked by heat), ground chiles,
corn products, popcorn. They say that once you try
their blue corn popcorn (which pops up white, "You'll
never go back to Orville".

Have fun, and don't spend it all in one place!!
Laurie in Oklahoma

p.s. Sunny, or listmembers-- let us know if you know
of other wonderful catalogs/websites.

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