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Vegetarian restaurants/stores in Munich/Germany

Don't worry about finding veggie restaurants and stores even in the white sausage capital ... 

Here are the addresses of some vegitarian restaurants I checked out. But you can be sure to find decent meat-free dishes at all Italian and Asian restaurants as well. Even most of the hearty-German places offer salads and vegitarian meals. 

BUXS is sort of a veggie fast-food + diner. They serve various reasonably priced meals at their two locations. Unfortunately they cater to the shoppers' crowd and close at 8:30 p.m. already. 

There's one on Frauenstr. 9 near the "Viktualienmarkt", the charming food market right in the city center. 

Their second outlet is on Amalienstraße 38, close to the university. 

An absolutely excellent first class vegetarian restaurant is PRINZ MYSHKIN on Hackenstraße 2 near the popular "Marienplatz" (subway station). Perfect daily menu, make sure you try the Italian-style pancakes with a savory vegetable filling called "Crespelle" 

Another place I haven't been to yet (but which appears to be rather decent) is VILLANIS on Kreuzstraße 3b. It's close to the "Marienplatz" as well. 

If you're out for low fat, fat-free meals things get awefully complicated. As much as Germans love organic and vegetarian food (surprised? It's true!), good cooking involves quite a bit of fat here. However, the amounts are tolerable and dishes are never as fat-laden as traditional American or German meals. 

Much better are your opportunities to find organic food stores. In fact there're so many I can't list them. The so-called "Reformhaus"-markets have a long tradition and it's easy to find plenty of them in every part of all German cities. So simply look one up in the yellow pages that's closest to where you live. Plus there're zillions of "Bio"- or "Naturkost"- stores that follow a more universal approach than the "Reform"-places (reusable containers, natural wooden racks etc. ;-) ) This may be interesting to all readers of the DIGEST: Never worry to run out of organic vegetarian food in Germany. NO OTHER COUNTRY HAS A COMPARABLE NUMBER OF ORGANIC FOOD STORES. The big adavantage is also, that the "Reformhaus"-stores aren't just located in the big cities with a large young population but in every dinky village no matter where you are (preferably in the Western part though). 

Have I nice stay in Munich! 

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