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RE: Beverly's Flavor

> Moderation, foderation!  You're only fooling yourself!
> More and more people are eating more and more meals away from
> home.  We all
> know that when we eat at restaurants, any place, we get a very a high dose
> of fat, sodium, and sugar.  Weight Watchers is only a place to start and
> should be further reduced in fat, sodium and sugar!  The only way is to
> cook your own and take it with you whenever possible.  I don't tell
> people--until after they have eaten.  Most think it's really good
> and tasty.
> Cooking with spices is the answer--no fat, no sugar, no sodium, no
> caffeine!  Everything else is quite a long DELICIOUS list!  See the
> wonderful recipes in the fatfree archives!

I have an idea. Why don't you worry about what you eat, and let others worry
about what they eat! That's a GREAT idea! Not everyone is here to strip
their diet of every gram of fat. I know I just use this list for good ideas,
but even though you might decide I'm "over" weight, I have no desire to
starve my body into someone else's idea of submission. I'm quite happy the
way I am...but am always looking for new recipes.

I do believe that this list is for sharing recipes and asking questions, not
criticizing other people. Personally, I find the idea of moderation much
more sensible for most people than fanatacism.