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Bread machine update

Hi all, 
I had my first chance to try my new Panasonic bread
machine today,
and compare it with the Regal machine I've had for
about 3 years.
Consumer Reports was right, it really does make better
On my first try in the Panasonic, we got a better 100%
whole wheat
loaf than we've ever had with the other machine.  I'm
I just used the basic whole wheat recipe from the
owner's manual,
and substituted 2 Tbsp. applesauce for the 2 Tbsp. of
butter (thanks, Andy from California; I had given up
on the 
applesauce idea when my pumpkin bread came out so
Anyway, I wholeheartedly recomment the Panasonic
available  for $136 on Yahoo Shopping from a company
called "A1 Vacuum and Sewing".
I'm looking forward to a lot of great bread from that
(I don't sell it, I just use it!)
Laurie in Oklahoma

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