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"TVP replacement": taco lentils, FF taco shells

I just wanted to make sure everyone currently reading
about the wonderful recipe for taco lentils originally
by Ann Miner and modified by Julie Finnegan.  IMHP it
is by far the best taco filling,
and can be found in the FF website's searchable recipe
archive under "Regional", "Mexican", "Taco Lentils".

I also learned a great trick for making your own
no-fat-added taco shells from the book "Lowfat Cooking
for Dummies".
Just use regular corn tortillas (I like to use the
extra thin).
Set your oven rack at the middle level, and drape corn
each over an individual rung.  They will be almost
flat before you heat the oven,
each draped
over one rung and going underneath the surrounding
It's easiest to do this with a cold oven, then turn
the heat to 350; I think it takes about 6 or 7 minutes
to get a crispy taco shell shape.
I remove them to a plate using a mitt and a table
It's trickier to place
new ones once the oven is hot, sometimes requires a
utensil or two
to get the tortillas centered w/o burning yourself.

This plus the taco lentils (and your favorite
make great tacos-- no TVP necessary.
Laurie in Oklahoma

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