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nuitritional yeast in Australia

Dear Bec,

Hello, just a comment about the 'super yeast" found in Woolworths here in
Australia. This is not the same as the nuitritional yeast we read in
recipes from the States. The main ingredient is 'brewers yeast'.  The
nuitritional yeast from America is grown on molassas and has nothing to do
with the yeast for either baking or a byproduct of brewing.  I also have
been told that you can't get it in Australia (according to one health food
shop that told me they had tried all over Australia to find it). Someone I
know is going to Brisbane and they are going to check out health food shops
down there.

Does anyone know if there are any health food shops online that might send
some over here to people? Also I can't get lowfat tofu either!


hi nicole! im an aussie too and i understand how hard some of these things
are to find. but i found 'nutritional yeast' in the health food section of
woolworths! it was called something like 'super yeast' tho, but its the same
thing, hope that helps.  also, have you found anywhere that sells
lowfat/nofat tofu?