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Re:  Peanut butter

Hi!  I know how it is about peanut butter -- you love the taste of it; heck, sometimes you get a craving for it, but what to do about the fat?  Not only is it bad for you if you don't want to put on a ton of weight, but simply for health reasons it's not all that good for you.

Actually, while shopping at Shop-Rite, I stumbled across a peanut spread made by Wonder -- at least, if memory serves me (I don't have a jar onhand to which I can refer) it's called "Wonder Peanut Spread."  They sell it alongside the peanut butters and apple butters.  I DO know that, for every 2 tablespoons, you get 4% of your RDA for fats, 4% for carbohydrates, and another 4 grams of protein, as opposed to, oh, 25% of your RDA for fats from a similar serving of Skippy or Peter Pan? 
Hey, nuts may truly be healthy for you, but let's cut through the bulderdash:  fats are fats, and too much of them, even the "good" ones, are simply not good for you.