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dessert cake made with yeast

there's a "breton butter cake" in *bake & freeze desserts* by eleanor
klibans (?) that uses yeast, and, unfortunately, lots of butter.
(having made it in earlier days, though, i can attest that it is
delicious in that form.)  basically, you make a very simple bread dough
(this part is fatfree: flour, water, salt & yeast), then roll it out
flat, dot it with butter & sugar, then fold & roll again, fold, fold &
roll--just like puff pastry.  the final cake is many thin layers of
yeast bread interspersed w/ the butter /sugar mixture and with a thick
layer of sugar on top.  during baking, the sugar on the outside of the
cake caramelizes... mmmm!   perhaps you could substitute something
fatfree for the butter--jam, maybe?  something with a low water content
would work best--and just put sugar on top to caramelize.  if anyone
decides to experiment with this and would like the original recipe to
work from, let me know offlist.