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RE: Aussie Nutritional Yeast

Christine wrote:

I wonder what you've been eating!!!
Brewer's Yeast is NOT even remotely the same thing as nutritional yeast!!
Try looking up Dixie Diner and ordering some.
I'd be interested to hear what you find and what the difference is in what
you make with it!

<grinning> Now you've got me wondering as well. OK, the NYF I found the first time were a flaky, almost powdery pale yellow substance. The box said it was NYF. The other health food store we tried swore that Brewer's Yeast is the same. I noticed that it was more powdery, but smelt the same and tasted the same, perhaps a bit saltier. To be honest, I could never understand why people called it cheesy, it was very disappointing in that regard.

And thanks for the site, the Aussie-US dollar isn't exactly great right now to be ordering things from the States, does anyone know of a similar site in Australia?