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Re: natural sweeteners, another one. Trutina Dulcem

I found one at a local health foods store (Roy's Natural Market). Have been 
looking for it since I rec'd. a mail order form which wouldn've raised the 
price substantially due to S&H and generally being overpriced. This 
particular US mail solicitation was NOT Dixie Diner.

It's TD (Trutina Dulcem) and it's also known as "Sweet Balance".
"A natural low glycemic fruit concentrate.
0 calories, 0 fat for serving size one gram.
Per servings over 1 gram, 3.6 cal./gram
Ten times sweeter than table sugar."

Dixie Diner at 1-800-233-3668 carries it. #DF832101
In the Roy's Natural Market Store on Preston in Dallas, 1.5 ounces was $6.65.
"Dissolves easily in hot and cold beverages."
It has a little bit of a "bite", but it's not pronounced.
I haven't tried it yet in a drink because I actually haven't had the need to 
sweeten a beverage. I drink hot and cold tea unsweetened. I wish they'd come 
up with a cheap low glycemic sugar substitute that one can use for baking!