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Re: Featherweight

   Someone asked:

>Several years ago, all Featherweight food products disappeared around here
>so I thought they had been bought out and discontinued!
>Where are Featherweight food products sold now?  I searched on
>"featherweight"  and got sites for sewing machines and boxing!  I'm in
>northwestern Ohio.  And I still hoard some things which I can no longer
>find.  Don't know what I'm going to do when they're gone.  Thanks. 

  There was a bit of confusion here.  I recommended a site
which sells Featherweight baking powder.  I only know about
the baking powder, not any other Featherweight products -
some confusion ensued. 

  The baking powder - along with many sodium-free and quite
a few fatfree products - can be purchased at the Healthy
Heart Market.  (I have no connection with these folks, other
than being a happy customer.  I can vouch for them as a good
supplier - reliable in my experience, etc.)  

   They're a very small outfit, the guy who owns it was
waiting for a heart transplant and recently taken off the
waiting list because he's improved, although he'll need the
transplant eventually.  He has gathered together a LOT of
heart-healthy products, many of which are fatfree.

   They have a really interesting product line and would be
glad to send you a catalog - or you can order through the
website if you prefer.


Pat Meadows