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Re: Aussie Nutritional Yeast

Nicole wrote:

I'm a Aussie veggie and I'd love to get my hands on some nutritional yeast,
I asked at my local health food shop if they stocked it and was laughed out
the door, no one had heard of it. If anyone could help, I'd much

I'm also an Aussie vegetarian and I've found nutritional yeast flakes (NYF) in some health food stores, but not all. Some have never heard of it. Apparently Brewer's Yeast is the same thing and I've tried both now and they taste the same if that helps. I've never found it in Coles or Woolworths. I've used it in some soups and it has been fantastic. I've tried making a vegan cheeze sauce with it but haven't really had any luck or noticed a great flavour in that regard. If you find it, yell out as I have a great FF soup recipe that calls for it that has been great in the last couple of months.